SOFCMAN-E-1200W Stack and SOFCMAN-E-5kW

Stack’s Dimensions:

   SOFCMAN-E-1200W Stack SOFCMAN-E-5kW Stack
Length 174mm 364mm
Width 140mm 284mm
Height 212mm±2mm 240±5mm
Levelness ≤0.3o ≤0.3o
Verticality ≤0.5o ≤0.5o
Height Deviation of four corners of stack ≤0.5mm ≤0.5mm
Stack Weight 23.5kg 120kg
Gas Pipes Position Middle of Stack Middle of Stack
Current Leads Position Top and Bottom of Stack Top and Bottom of Stack
Current Leads Position Top and Bottom of Stack Top and Bottom of Stack

Technical Datas of Stacks:

   SOFCMAN-E-1200W Stack SOFCMAN-E-5kW Stack
Units 50 50
Number of cells 50 pcs 200 pcs
Cell size 128mm×96mm 131mm×109mm
Cathode size 116 mm×84mm 110 mm×88mm
Fuel gas Natural gas or hydrogen Natural gas or hydrogen
Leaking before reduction No leakage at R.T. and 0kPa No leakage at R.T. and 0kPa
Flow rate of Methane 2.5-4.5l/min 12.5-22.5l/min
S/C 3 3
OCV 50V 50V
Operating current range 25-40A 80-120A
Operating voltage range 35-50V 35-50V
Rated operating power ≥1200W ≥5000W
Fuel utilization 70-85% 70-85%
Electricity utilization (Initial stage) ≥60% ≥60%
Maximum power 1300W@ 700-750℃ 6000W@ 700-750℃
Degradation rate ≤0.5%/1000h@ 700-750℃, 0.8V ≤0.5%/1000h@ 700-750℃, 0.8V
Thermal cycle Repeatable Repeatable

Pictures of Stacks:

Fig.1 SOFCMAN-E-1200W Stack Fig.2 SOFCMAN-E-1200W Stacks
Fig.4 SOFCMAN-E-5kW Stack
Fig.5 SOFCMAN-E-5kW Stack with gas pipes and current leads

Performance of Stacks:

Fig.6 SOFCMAN-E-1200W Stack I-V curve Fig.7 SOFCMAN-E-5kW Stack I-V curve


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