8YSZ and SSZ Electrolyte Sheets


– High Ionic Conductivity

– High Mechanical Strength

– High Planarity

– Customized Size & Shape

SEM Pictures

Technical Data:

 Product Type 8YSZ sheet SSZ sheet
 Content (mol.%) (Y2O3)0.08(ZrO4)0.92 (SC2O3)0.1(CeO2)0.01(ZrO2)0.89
 Crystal Structure Cubic Phase Bicontinuous Cubic Phase
 Bending Strength ≥300MPa ≥400MPa
 Thickness 200±10μm 200±10μm
 Conductivity @800℃ >0.06 S/cm ≥0.1 S/cm
 Size Button to 10cm×10cm Button to 10cm×10cm

Price List:

 Size 8YSZ sheet SSZ sheet
 5cm×5cm 216.00 RMB 378.00 RMB
 10cm×10cm 324.00 RMB 540.00 RMB
*Sheet size can be customized.
**The minimum order amount is 50 sheets.
***Packing and shipping fees are excluded.
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