Cell Performances Improved Significantly from NIMTE

The performances of both anode supported cells (ASCs) and electrolyte supported cells (ESCs) produced by Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering (NIMTE) have been improved significantly. Now the power density of ASCs has reached 0.6W/cm2(0.75V, 800℃),SSZ-ESCs have reached 0.5W/cm2 and 8YSZ-ESCs reached 0.35W/cm2at the testing temperature of 830℃ and at 0.75V.Our cells have less than 0.5%/kh degradation rate. We have more than hundred customers around the world. For cell evaluators and stack manufactures, we offer single cells at high power density, high fuel utilization, high mechanical strength and low price. We have the discounts when you order in between 100-1000 with 10% price reduction, 1000-10000 with 20% price reduction, more than 10000 with 30% price reduction. Please check our homepage www.sofcman.com to see the details.