Double Performance, Retaining Price

NIMTE recently offers cells and stacks with significantly increased performances, while keeps the prices unchanged. LSCF cathode is used in our standard cells instead of LSM cathode. Though processing cost is increased in our cell production due to using barrier layer of CGO, productivity improvement brings our cells to a lower cost. The LSCF cells with a power density of 0.7W/cm2 at 750℃ and 0.7V are guaranteed. Our 10cm×10cm cell keeps the price of 200 RMB per piece. 20% of price reduction is offered with order of more than 100 pieces. Further price reduction is available for order more. Corresponding to the cell improvement, the performance of our standard stack module is doubled. The power of 700W is guaranteed at 750℃ and 21V for our standard 30 cell stack module. The price of 29000 RMB is retained and 20% price reduction is available for the order of more than 10 modules. Big price reduction is promised for big orders. Costumers are welcome to contact us to discuss your price target; we will see how to serve you the best.