SOFC R&D Group in NIMTE Obtain an Important Development in SOFC Stack

On April 24, 2009, the group of SOFC Stack Design and Development in NIMTE established and tested a 10-cell SOFC stack, which achieved a maximum power of 310W(H2, Air) and a maximum power density of 0.31W/cm2. Fig.1 is the I-V curves of testing results of the stack and the single cells. The maximum and minimum power of single cells achieved 50W and 25W respectively, which means that the maximum power density and minimum power density of single cells achieved 0.5W/cm2 and 0.25W/cm2 respectively. The results show that the stability and repeatability of single cells manufactured by SOFC R&D group in NIMTE and the research ability of SOFC stack edge into the advanced ranks in the world.