KW-Class SOFC Power Generation and Testing System


SOFC Power Generation and Testing System consists of three parts, control system, stack hotbox system and reforming system, respectively. A variety of gases (hydrogen, natural gas, biogas, propane, etc.) can be used as fuel gas in SOFC Power Generation and Testing System.


– Based on tried-and-trusted stack technology

– Flexible operation with the aid of a reliable controlling modules

– Adaptable to client requirements


(1). Performance classes: 0~1 kW, 1~3kW, 2~5kW

(2). System Description:

Control System: including monitoring and control system gas flow, temperature, pressure, electronic load, constant current source and system control software.

Stack Hotbox System: including thermal insulation system, pressure system, temperature control system and stack.

Reforming System: including reformer, preheater, vaporizer, water pump and corresponding pipeline.


Customized according to requirements.


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